Digital Herbarium

The Herbarium of Regional Plant Resource Centre (RPRC) houses a collection of about 11,000 plant specimens comprising of 1,700 species of angiosperms and pteridophytes (127 families) representing largely the flora of Orissa. The specimens have been correctly identified, named poisoned, mounted and arranged according to Bentham and Hooker’s system of classification. The herbarium specimens are frequently referred by scientists and students, researchers and students of botany, agriculture, conservation biology, Ayurveda and allied disciplines from the state and outside.

With a view to provide an analogous online access to herbarium specimens of the institute for the purpose of identification and taking advantage of newer internet and digital photography technologies, the herbarium specimens have been digitized. The goals of the Virtual Herbarium are to make specimen data available electronically for use in taxonomy, conservation and biodiversity research projects; to get rid of the pain of actual specimen examination by visiting different Herbaria, reduce transportation of specimens for identification, preparation of floras and monographs where digital representations will suffice for study; and to reunite data elements (e.g., photographs and drawings, manuscripts, published works, microscopic preparations) derived from a specimen with the catalog record for that specimen.

For each species, a scanned photograph of herbarium specimen, information on its taxonomic status, habit, habitat, botanical description, phenology, locality of collection, local name, distribution in Orissa have been provided with facility of on-line search. Wherever available, colour photographs have been provided in a link page as an easy referral system and confirmation of correct identity.

The herbarium digitization work was supported by the Orissa State Vanaspati Vana Society, Cuttack (Forest & Environment Department, Orissa) under the National Programme on Promoting Conservation of Medicinal Plants & Traditional Knowledge and Enhancing Health and Livelihood Security (CCF- II project funded by UNDP, implemented through MOEF, Govt. of India and co-ordinated by FRLHT, Bangalore)

  Species Name Odia Name Family Genus Locality
1 Abelmoschus angulosus 1959  MalvaceaeAbelmoschusHarishankar
2 Abelmoschus crinitus 6088 BanamedhasinghMalvaceaeAbelmoschusPhulbani
3 Abelmoschus ficulneus  Syn. Hibiscus ficulneus 1758 Bana bhendiMalvaceae.AbelmoschusAyatpur
4 Abelmoschus manihot  ssp. tetraphyllus Syn. Hibiscus tetraphyllus 1412 Bana bhendiMalvaceae.AbelmoschusHarishankar
5 Abrus precatorius 619 Kaincha/ GunjaFabaceaeAbrusBarbara
6 Abutilon indicum 1400 PedipedikaMalvaceaeAbutilonHarishankar
7 Abutilon persicum 3735 Singiri lataMalvaceaeAbutilonNrusinghanath hill
8 Acacia auriculiformis 1888 JaranasakaMimosaceaeAcaciaNrusinghanath
9 Acacia nilotica Syn.  Acacia arabica 549 BabulMimosaceaeAcaciaNrusinghanath
10 Acacia pennata   554 DantariMimosaceaeAcaciaSanghagra
11 Acacia polycantha Willd. syn.Acacia suma 5933  MimosaceaeAcaciaBisiparha
12 Acacia sinuata 3464 SikakaiMimosaceaeAcaciaKuanara,Keonjhar
13 Acacia spp. 3659  MimosaceaeAcaciaHarisankar
14 Acacia torta 3543 Dantari, KantiMimosaceaeAcaciaSanghagra
15 Acalypha alnifolia 4132  EuphorbiaceaeAcalyphaBaliguda
16 Acalypha ciliata 2678  EuphorbiaceaeAcalyphaNrusinghnath hill
17 Acalypha hispida 974 Biradi lanjaEuphorbiaceaeAcalyphaRPRC Campus
18 Acalypha indica 972 IndramarichaEuphorbiaceaeAcalyphaHarishankar
19 Acalypha wilkesiana 975  EuphorbiaceaeAcalyphaRPRC Nursery
20 Acampe carinata 7258  OrchidaceaeAcampeRaipani
21 Acampe ochracea 7274  OrchidaceaeAcampe 
22 Acanthophippium sylhetense 7259  OrchidaceaeAcanthophippium 
23 Acanthospermum hispidum 231 GokhuraAsteraceaeAcanthospermumNrusinghanath
24 Acanthus illicifolius   1394 HarkanchAcanthaceaeAcanthus   Bhitarkanika
25 Achyranthes aspera 53 ApamarangaAmaranthaceaeAchyranthesChaldhar
26 Achyranthes bidentata 4616 ApamarangaAmaranthaceaeAchyranthesJamuani
27 Acmella calva Syn. Spilanthes calva 260 Pani bisalyakaraniAsteraceaeSpilanthesKapildhar
28 Acornychia pedunculata Syn. Acronychia laurifolia 2777  RutaceaeAcornychiaNrusinghanath
29 Acrocephalus hispidus Syn. Acrocephalus capitatus 2283  LamiaceaeAcrocephalusDeogarh
30 Acrostichum areum 2160 KharkhariAcrostichaceaeAcrostichumParadeep
31 Actinodaphne angustifolia 2137 JharachampaLauraceaeActinodaphneBarbara
32 Adenosma indianum Syn.  Adenosma capitatum 4 RasnajadiScrophulariaceaeAdenosmaKapildhar
33 Adenosma microcephalum 2966  ScrophulariaceaeAdenosmaSatyama
34 Adenostemma lavenia Syn. Adenostema viscosum 4983  AsteraceaeAdenostemmaHarisankar
35 Adiantum incisum 3530  AdiantaceaeAdiantumKapildhar
36 Aegiceras corniculatus Syn. Aegiceras majus 3130 Teluni, KharsiMyrsinaceaeAegicerasParadeep
37 Aegilaitis rotundifolia   4101 Bana RuarPlumbaginaceaeAegilaitis   Hukitola
38 Aeginetia indica 1314 Kala kutamahuraOrobanchaceaeAeginetiaHarishankar
39 Aerva lanata 1138 PaunsiaAmaranthaceaeAervaRPRC Campus
40 Aerva monsonii 3074  AmaranthaceaeTrichuriellaChilika